Stupido Records released in November 2001 a single by Kernel (featuring Brandi Ifgray and Tuomo Puranen), called Ballad of Linus Torvalds. It is a song heard during the closing titles of The Code. The single includes also another track from the film, Southbound Vertigo Parkway.

The principal composer of the film, Pertti Grönholm (Corporate 09, Dystopia, Kytkös, etc.) edited a full length soundtrack album for the DVD version of the film. Check DVD.

The soundtrack album for The Code is released as part of the DVD package.

KERNEL: Music From The Code

Total time: 42:23

Soundtrack compiled by Pertti Grönholm / Valimo Productions

Soundtrack concept by Hannu Puttonen

Executive producer: Kaarle Aho / Making Movies

Mastered at Valimo Productions in Turku, Finland

by Pertti Grönholm and Jouni Pusa


  • 1. Summer 1991 (Grönholm-Torvalds)
  • 2. Southbound Vertigo Parkway (Ifgray-Puranen-Hallanaho)
  • 3. The Evil Empire (Grönholm)
  • 4. About The Values (Grönholm-Stallman)
  • 5. Free Software Song (Trad.-Stallman, arr. by Grönholm)
  • 6. Ballad of Linus Torvalds (Ifgray-Puranen-Currie)
  • 7. Web of Trust (Grönholm-Torvalds)
  • 8. The Linus´s Law of Motivation (Grönholm-Torvalds)
  • 9. The Tribe (Grönholm-Raymond)
  • 10. Warezz (Pakarinen)
  • 11. Memory of Linux (Grönholm-Torvalds)
  • 12. Ghost of the Valley (Ifgray-Puranen-Hallanaho)
  • 13. Free Software Jingle (Grönholm-Stallman)
  • Hannu Puttonen, the director of The Code, on the soundtrack album:
  • ”This soundtrack album ’Music From The Code’ is a vital part of the whole DVD package. It was compiled by Pertti Grönholm, who wrote the score for the film. While editing the film, we used much less music in the end than we originally thought. Then, in December 2001, we released a three song EP called Ballad of Linus Torvalds, by the band called Kernel on the Stupido Twins label… It even sold some copies. Because there were a lot of unused music and ideas for new tracks too, we thought it was only natural to continue the artistic life of the incomparable within the film, and with a musical re-mix of the subject.”

    “Pertti Grönholm (Corporate 09, Dystopia, Kytkös) compiled the album, wrote most of the music, and handled most of the production job as well. He juxtaposed verbal fragments from Linus Torvalds, Richard Stallman and Eric Raymond. All three are rhetorically talented and born to visit on spoken word tracks. Stallman´s classic anthem Free Software Song found a new musical form during the process.”

    “Tuomo Puranen (ex-Op:l Bastards) and Brandi Ifgray (Shadowplay) wrote music for three songs, while Brandi also offered his loureedish vocal output on those tracks. The critically acclaimed Scottish-cosmopolitan songwriter Momus alias Nicholas Currie wrote lyrics for Ballad of Linus Torvalds, in the individual style he has mastered on his own records since 1985. The Finnish poet Jöns Hallanaho wrote lyrics on the mental landscape of the Silicon Valley, which are heard on both Southbound Vertigo Parkway and Ghost of the Valley.”

    “The motion graphics designer for The Code, Otso Pakarinen (Ozone Player), is one of the Finnish pioneers of computer-based music, and has commented the age of the computer culture on his records. It was more than suitable to ask him to add his contribution to this record.”

    “The result is a versatile soundtrack album. As it should be. The whole free software / open source movement is a colourful, debating and competing tribe, consisting of many hacker generations. We hope this record makes some justice to all of this.”