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HP has directed documentary films and music videos since 1987. ‘The Code’ (2001) was his eight documentary.

Most of these documentaries have found their stories from the themes and persons around pop music, new media and computer culture.

1988 HP completed his first documentary ‘Mr. Bragg Goes To Moscow’ with British songwriter Billy Bragg, Russian artists like Boris Grebenshikov & Akvarium and the Finnish band Kadotetut. It was about a concert tour to Soviet Union during the time of perestroika and glasnost. The film was released on VHS via Visionary Ltd. Currently unavailable.

1992 came the first documentary anywhere on techno scene, ‘Bring The Beat Back!’. Featuring Marc Bell and Jez Varley of LFO, Bill Drummond of KLF, Richard Kirk of Cabaret Voltaire and author Jon Savage.

1994: ‘Man of Letters’, an experimental documentary on an eccentric Scottish songwriter Momus. Features Jarvis Cocker, Sarah Cracknell of Saint Etienne, Ed Ball of The Times and Simon Fisher Turner. You can order the film on DVD from Cherry Red Records.

1995: ‘Thought, Language & Communication’ - an audio visual essay on the hype around Internet. A critical account of “the Information Superhighway” jargon. Features Canadian media philosopher couple Arthur & Marilouise Kroker as voice-overs.

The latest film by HP was ‘Anthropology vs. Aarne Tenkanen’ (2003), a documentary on a fictional character, the singing tramdriver of Kallio, Helsinki. The lewd-mouthed Aarne Tenkanen character was invented for a radio series years ago by Gösta Sundqvist, a legendary singer-songwriter-arranger of Leevi And The Leavings. Sadly, Gösta died in August 2003 at the age of 46 - a huge loss for the Finnish popular culture.

Currently (November 2003-February 2004) HP is doing post-production for a television series in six episodes called ‘Takamaa’ (‘Hinterland’). It is commissioned by the digital channel of Finnish Broadcasting Company, Teema, and will be broadcast in March-April of 2004.

HP has started production phase for two new documentaries, ‘Beat The Clock’ (scheduled for September 2004) and ‘Next Year In Xanadu’ (scheduled for 2005).

Music video clients include Billy Bragg, Momus, Estonian punk icon Villu Tamme and Finnish artists/bands like Ismo Alanko, Leevi & The Leavings, Op:l Bastards, Larry & The Lefthanded, Thee Ultra Bimboos and Tristan.

Since 1990 HP has written and directed over 50 radio documentaries and eight radio plays for Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE). Next play, scheduled for Fall 2004, will be ‘Petkuttaja’ (‘The Impostor’), based on the story of Alan Conway who dined out successfully as ‘Stanley Kubrick’ for years in the 1990´s in London.

Before all of this, in the 1980´s, HP studied philosophy, comparative studies of literature and psychology in the University of Tampere, acquiring M.A. in media studies. Before film and radio career he worked as a journalist in Finland for newspapers, magazines and a news agency.